Do I need ID to purchase precious metals?

We do not require any identification for purchases less than $5000

Do I need ID to sell/loan precious metals?

Are you looking to sell/loan your precious metals? As a registered gold dealer and pawnbroker in the state of Western Australia the gold dealers and pawnbroking act requires all registered dealers to obtain valid identification of customers that are conducting transactions with the registered dealer. In order to protect and verify your identity, customers are required to provide documents that demonstrate:

It is important to transact in Western Australia only with registered and licensed precious metal dealers as they have been vetted by the Western Australia Police Force. A registered and licensed precious metal dealer will have the licensee details displayed on the outside of it’s premises.

Your full name;
Your current residential address;
Your date of birth;
Your signature.

The primary identification and secondary identification at minimum must equal 100 points.

We require 1 x Primary Documentation (Must be valid and must have a photo)

Identification TypePoints Value
Australian Drivers License75 Points
Australian Passport75 Points
WA Proof Of Age Card75 Points

We require 1 x secondary documentation (Further details below)

Identification TypePoints Value
Council/Shire rates25 Points
Telephone/Internet bill25 Points
Gas/Water/Power bill25 Points
Bank or income statement25 Points
Employee wage slip25 Points
Insurance policy25 Points

The documentation must be issued in the last 90 days, and must include your full name, your residential address and the date of issue of the document.